Aqualung Blizzard Pro 4mm Womens Drysuit

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Aqualung Blizzard Pro 4mm Womens Drysuit

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Aqualung Blizzard Pro 4mm Womens Drysuit

Dive into a world of underwater exploration like never before with the Aqualung Blizzard Pro 4mm Womens Drysuit, the pinnacle of aquatic apparel for men. Designed for the most discerning female divers, this advanced drysuit boasts an array of cutting-edge features that will enhance your scuba diving experience and keep you comfortable in even the most challenging conditions. The re-designed Blizzard Pro now includes SLT technology for the wrist seals, a new cargo pocket with a large opening, a mesh drain panel, and ultra-reflective outside safety tape. The Blizzard Pro comes with comfortable braces and is available with integrated socks or boots.

Features of the Aqualung Blizzard Pro 4mm Womens Drysuit

  • Environmentally friendly features: neoprene free of P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and made from a non-petroleum based material.
  • Yamamoto Compressed 4mm neoprene # 88 used on the entire suit will keep its thickness even on deeper dives and limit any excess buoyancy.
  • Shoulders and arms outside lining called ‘Small Diamonds’ offer very good resistance to friction
  • SLT System on-wrist seals for easy on and off, comfort, easy replacement and glove clip
  • Double neoprene collar with Hook and Loop tab for better adjustment
  • Taped seams on all the inside for water blocking integrity.
  • Ultra-reflective outside safety tape
  • Non-slip prints on shoulders help to keep the BC shoulder straps in place.
  • Rubber patch on the wrist to keep the computer in place
  • The improved Powertex reinforcement panels allow increased flexibility while offering excellent abrasion resistance
  • The separate hood offers a face seal to limit water entry, and our G2 Vent Technology allows any trapped air bubbles to exit while keeping cold water out.
  • The new cargo pocket offers a wide opening and a mesh bottom panel.
  • Elastic suspenders including a 3D mesh back pad and a neoprene chest pocket for personal gear.
  • Comes in a mesh bag
Premium Compressed Yamamoto Neoprene

At the heart of the Blizzard Pro lies the remarkable Yamamoto neoprene, meticulously compressed to provide unparalleled thermal insulation and flexibility. This top-of-the-line neoprene material ensures that you stay warm and agile during your underwater adventures, no matter the water temperature.

SLT Technology for Wrist Seals

Aqua Lung takes innovation to the next level by incorporating SLT (Self-Locking Technology) into the wrist seals of the Blizzard Pro. These seals are not only exceptionally watertight but also incredibly easy to secure, giving you peace of mind as you dive deeper into the abyss.

Enhanced Cargo Pocket

Our redesign of the Blizzard Pro includes an upgraded cargo pocket with a generously sized opening. This pocket is perfect for stowing away essential dive gear, accessories, or even a small underwater camera, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips while submerged.

Mesh Drain Panel

We understand the importance of comfort during long dives, which is why the Blizzard Pro features a strategically placed mesh drain panel. This innovative addition effectively expels any excess water, preventing discomfort and maintaining your optimal buoyancy.

Ultra-Reflective Outside Safety Tape

Safety is paramount in scuba diving, and the Blizzard Pro goes the extra mile to keep you visible even in low-light conditions. The ultra-reflective safety tape on the exterior of the drysuit ensures that you remain easily detectable by your dive buddy or boat crew, promoting a secure and worry-free dive.

Customizable Comfort

The Blizzard Pro's thoughtful design extends to its customizable options. You can choose between integrated socks or boots, allowing you to tailor the drysuit to your specific preferences. Additionally, comfortable braces are included to ensure a secure and comfortable fit throughout your dive.

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