Aqualung Transmitter Rev2

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Aqualung Transmitter Rev2

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Aqualung Transmitter Rev2

Aqua Lung’s Transmitters, used in conjunction with a compatible wrist computer, allow you to monitor current pressure and air time remaining without a stiff high-pressure hose while providing a more streamlined profile. The Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge delivers both remaining air pressure and temperature in one easy-to-read display.

Aqualung Transmitter Rev2 Features

  • Hoseless Air Pressure Transmission for the i450T, i470TC and i770R
  • Once set, the transmitter is permanently paired and will not accidentally pair with other computers
  • The battery is user-changeable and commercially available
  • Two Pressure Transmitters available: 21% O2 (outside the EU up to 40% O2 due to European Norm EN 144-3:2003) and 100% O2 clean

Why Choose A Transmitter For Your Computer

Having a transmitter for a scuba diving computer is a significant benefit for a diver for several reasons:

Real-time tank pressure monitoring: The transmitter allows the scuba diving computer to display real-time tank pressure information on the screen. This feature helps divers keep track of their air supply throughout the dive, making it easier to manage their air consumption and avoid running out of air unexpectedly. Divers can plan their dives more effectively, ensuring they have enough air to safely complete their underwater activities.

Improved safety: Real-time tank pressure monitoring enhances diver safety. It provides a clear and continuous indication of the remaining air supply, allowing divers to make informed decisions about when to ascend and end the dive. This reduces the risk of running low on air, which could lead to a dangerous situation, especially at greater depths or in challenging diving conditions.

Dive planning and optimization: Divers can better plan their dives and optimize their air consumption with the help of a transmitter. By monitoring tank pressure and air consumption patterns, divers can make adjustments during the dive to extend their bottom time or ensure a safer ascent when necessary. This feature is particularly useful for more complex or longer dives, such as deep dives or those involving decompression stops.

Reduces the need for manual checks: Without a transmitter, divers need to manually check their tank pressure by looking at their submersible pressure gauge (SPG). This requires them to interrupt their dive to view the gauge, which can be inconvenient and distracting. With a transmitter, this information is readily available on the computer screen, allowing divers to maintain better situational awareness and minimize interruptions.

Enhanced dive log data: Diving computers with transmitters can record and store tank pressure data along with other dive information. This data can be valuable for post-dive analysis and tracking air consumption over time, helping divers improve their efficiency and dive planning skills.

Diving with multiple tanks: For divers using multiple tanks, such as those engaged in technical diving or underwater photography, having a transmitter for each tank can help keep track of the air supply in all tanks simultaneously. This simplifies the management of multiple cylinders and ensures a smooth transition from one tank to another.

If this is not the computer you are looking for, then check out the full range of Aqualung Dive Computers or our extensive range of Dive Computers.

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