Bare CD4 Pro Drysuit - Oyster Diving Equipment

Bare CD4 Pro Drysuit

  • £1,089.95

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Bare CD4 Pro Drysuit

A high-performance compressed density neoprene drysuit, the CD4 offers a perfect blend of rugged strength and comfort with great mid-range depth performance.



We’re constantly implementing advancements in design and construction into our suits. With the D6 Pro Dry, our NST process (No Stitch Technology) uses double heat tape technology and a seam tape to securely seal seams while maximizing the suits overall stretch characteristics. Inner fabric is a high stretch blend of nylon and spandex that’s incredibly smooth, for easy donning over thermal layers. 



When tasked with building an even tougher and durable neoprene drysuit than its predecessor, our design team looked to some of the toughest protective gear in the world, from across a variety of industry, and conceived a suit with Diamond-Tuff laminate, a heavy duty metal dry zipper, seam tape and extended K-PADz (Kevlar) knee protection. These features make the D6 Pro Dry highly abrasion resistant and give it long run durability.