Bare Trilam Pro Mens Drysuit

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Bare Trilam Pro Mens Drysuit

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Bare Trilam Pro Mens Drysuit

The BARE Trilam Pro Dry back-zip drysuit is made with our exclusive engineered butyl trilaminate material, giving it the advantage of superior flexibility and lightweight characteristics.

Delivery Up to 6 Weeks from order date due to the manufacturing process.

Bare Trilam Pro Practicality and Performance

Made with our exclusive butyl trilaminate material, this drysuit features a low-profile rear entry zipper, for a premium fit that minimizes restriction of the diver’s movement, while remaining an economically priced option for the recreational diver.

The sleek silhouette of the Trilam Pro Dry is a result of intentional design and construction. From the plastic dry zipper to 2 needle felled seam construction and BARE’s anatomical fit, we’ve taken every step possible to achieve a minimal profile. That not only gives the drysuit a clean look, but it also ensures a fit that improves aqua dynamics and minimizes the potential for snags and abrasions.

Bare High Quality Engineering

Our proprietary Trilam technology features impermeable butyl rubber sealed between exterior layers of highly resilient polyester. The result is a long-lasting trilaminate fabric that is durable against wear and abrasion, and more lightweight and flexible compared to other trilaminates. Making for the best drysuit fit and performance available.

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